Who is lala dating dating slan do gr rss

04-Jan-2018 02:51

I just wish she would post one photo on Instagram so we can stop guessing, but I get why she would want some privacy.

There are so many rumors about her being a sugar baby and dating a married man who might be a movie producer or an NFL player.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find that the married guy in question is supposedly Randall Emmett. If you go further down the rabbit hole you’ll find plenty of evidence that he is rumored to be the guy, like corresponding Tweets and some bracelets and other shit I’m glad was already researched for me. But then Lala got even more specific and tweeted this: Meanwhile, Randall's whereabouts were as follows: So let’s break this shit down, shall we? Apparently, Lala posted and deleted the very same kissing photo last year to drum up press. Or do enough free private jet rides get you to toss your moral compass out the window and be friends with a home-wrecker?

Please note that I found these screenshots in some dark recesses of the internet. You don't tweet "Going to [city] with [secret boyfriend] who's competing in [very specific event]" unless you people to expose you. Lala goes to Vegas to visit her “baby boy” while he plays in the World Series Poker Tournament, which Randall also participated in? Then Lala says her “honey” is going to NY after said poker game and so is fucking Randall? I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, so I'm unable to verify those claims.

There was lots of gossip about him — including chatter that he is married — and it was definitely a hot topic during the reunion.

If anyone was wondering, she and her man (who she has denied is married) are still going strong. I look at him and I'm like, how am I this lucky to have someone who, not only deals with me, but loves me when I'm crazy, which is the majority of the time, you know?

RELATED: Photos From Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney’s Wedding Since Lala identified her man as someone involved in this movie, which narrows down the list of possible dudes, it’s interesting that she insisted on having James sign a non-disclosure agreement.